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I've rarely experienced a 'training' program that so effectively combines rigorous methodology with generous heart. I now have a living compendium of precise, relevant practices.
— Susan Doe
Federal Government Manager
Working with Joanne and Laura has been transformational at many levels of my life. Through their Integral Coaching® training, I have come to understand what “being human” means.
— John Smith
Senior Executive and Professional Coach
Integral Coaching Canada provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available.
— Ken Wilber
author, A Theory of Everything


Laura Divine

Laura has been practicing in the field of coaching for over twenty years and she brings extensive leadership and business management experience to her ability to directly apply Integral Coaching® in complex settings. While living in her hometown of San Francisco, Laura spent fifteen years in the telecommunications industry accumulating comprehensive executive experience in leadership, business effectiveness, change management, total quality systems, strategic planning, and coaching implementation within large scale systems.

Throughout her corporate career to the present day, Laura has invested extensively in advancing her knowledge and skills in the fields of coaching, human resource development, interpersonal dynamics, and leadership capacities. During her corporate career, she was also selected to attend Executive Development Programs at both Harvard University and at University of California, Berkeley. Since 1995, she has focused exclusively on the discipline of coaching and understanding adult human development. She has been a deep student of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and also completed the inaugural offering of the Integral Life Practice program through the Integral Institute in Boulder, Colorado when it was originally offered in 2004. She is a highly regarded leader in the Integral community including being a teacher at the annual Integral Spiritual Experience at Asilomar.

While well known as the co-developer of the trade-marked Integral Coaching® method and process, Laura is also held as a pioneer in the field of coaching in Canada. As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) coupled with her unparalleled experience in field of coaching, Laura’s work in developing standards for this profession has enabled large Canadian organizations to distinguish among various coaching approaches during times when an extensive range of coaching was flooding the marketplace and decision-making was challenging and complex. Her expertise has been called on by the Federal Government of Canada and leading private sector organizations in implementing coaching programs nation-wide. She has helped to establish the highest standards for the coach selection process in many organizations. Coaches, clients and organizations continue to benefit from her dedication to excellence in all facets of the field of Integral Coaching®.

Laura’s profound devotion and powerful embodiment enables people to grow and advance the health, meaning and integrity of their lives not only by directly coaching clients but also by co-creating a training school where people can come and develop into skilful contributors to others as Integral Coaches. Laura is the lead trainer at Integral Coaching Canada and she has also developed advanced Mastery Courses meeting the needs of already certified coaches. She works closely with the Integral Coaching Canada faculty ensuring that the wisdom and knowledge of this training architecture and approach to human development is richly understood and transmitted. Laura is the primary holder of the lineage of the Integral Coaching® method and process and holds this responsibility with skillful means and wise compassion.

Laura has provided her in-depth training and workshops in Canada, the United States and Europe. All who work with Laura would describe her as a gentle yet powerful force who brings the precision of wisdom and the stamina of steadfastness in ways that leave people astounded at the progress they make.

Laura is a long-term practitioner of tai chi and has begun teaching tai chi in the Yang-short form developed by Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing and taught by her teacher, lineage-holder, Lenzie Williams. She is a proud holder of this lineage as well. Laura has an active Integral Life Practice and continues to dive more deeply into her spiritual development and application of AQAL principles in her life.

Joanne Hunt

Working for fifteen years in senior leadership positions in three multi-national corporations, it was Joanne's exceptional ability to get to the 'heart of the matter' that enabled her to powerfully influence and lead change initiatives that ranged in scale from small groups to large-scale corporate programs. Not only able to envision and create, Joanne also has a unique capacity to cultivate deep commitment across diverse groups with 'competing' values and perspectives such that phenomenal results are attained. Coaching skills were always a part of her skill set as a corporate leader and Joanne produced significant results in improving business and individual effectiveness, leadership and change management implementation, strategic planning, and organizational restructuring while also nurturing the development of her teams.

Joanne holds a Masters Degree in Management Studies specializing in research and human resource development. Over the last two decades she has studied extensively with a variety of training institutes in fields such as coaching, systemic change, leadership development, and adult human development. Joanne has been working in the coaching profession for over twelve years and within this discipline has achieved the highest designation of Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) while developing and co-founding the School of Integral Coaching® with her partner, Laura. She completed the Integral Institute’s inaugural offering of Integral Life Practice in 2004, attended the Integral Leadership Seminar in 2006 and is a long-time student of Integral Theory. Joanne has also been a teacher at the annual Integral Spiritual Experience. She is held as a leader in the Integral community of practitioners.

Joanne’s work also includes serving as “Researcher and Writer” for Integral Coaching Canada Inc. This role enables Joanne to pursue two passions that fuel her coaching work: R&D and writing (articles, songs, poetry, Integral Coaching® material). These domains continue to support Integral Coaching Canada’s new curriculum designs, resource development and methodological advances which bring clarity and ongoing design innovation to the delivery and leading edge nature of the Integral Coaching® training programs. Her writing practice has also led her to Natalie Goldberg, whom she now assists at writing retreats.

Joanne is a lead instructor for Integral Coaching Canada’s advanced programs and students describe her as an expert coach, a playful human being and a passionate, skilled teacher. Rooted in her own commitment to living with personal integrity and authenticity, Joanne brings this dedication to how she teaches, how she guides faculty and how she coaches clients. Joanne is known for her clear, direct and skillful attention to what people truly need as they build the competencies necessary to more fully manifest their lives.

Deeply exploring various modalities for approaching change, Joanne also works with professional coaches to further enable the integration of their development through writing and meditative practice. Approaching writing from an AQAL perspective continues to support her development and the growth of those who work with her; she has a balanced set of Integral Life Practices that have supported her for many years. Last of all, Joanne has a unique and piercing way of bringing Integral Theory and practice to what’s real, what’s necessary and what’s relevant in the practical and messy day-to-day-ness of the fully-lived life of a coach or client.


Since founding Integral Coaching Canada, Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine have dedicated themselves to building and delivering a best-in-class coach training school. This has involved not only developing the curriculum and designing the learning architecture, but also building a faculty team that can skillfully contribute to the success of each student in every course. In the Integral Coaching® Certification Program, Laura and Joanne have overall responsibility for the delivery and quality of all aspects ICC's training architecture. The ICC Faculty Team is extraordinary and delivers all aspects of our advanced Integral Coaching® Certification Program across all three modules. Faculty members have specific responsibilities including Course Instructors, Module Phone Coaches, Case Review Experts, Coaching Conversation Formal Observers, Final Exam Assessors, Study Group Mentors, and Certification Committee Members. Faculty members are also licenced to teach the Integral Coaching® Fundamentals course. For the ICCP Graduate Mastery Workshops, Laura and Joanne are responsible for the design and delivery.

Qualifications that all faculty must meet:

  1. Certified Integral Master Coach with Integral Coaching Canada Inc.
  2. Have demonstrated Integral Coaching® knowledge and skills at the ICF MCC level (PCC level for Mentors)
  3. Have consistently modeled the coaching Code of Ethics in their coaching professions and in the classroom
  4. Have demonstrated a dedication to the health and growth of the coaching community, specifically the Integral Coaching® community as well as beyond to the wider field and profession of coaching
  5. Have demonstrated a commitment to continuous learning and development, as an Integral Master Coach™ and as a human being
  6. Have been and continue to be engaged in active study of Integral Theory and its application
  7. Have active Integral Life Practices
  8. Have demonstrated exceptional teaching skills over time


Here is the lead ICC Faculty Team:

Chris Alder

Chris is passionately engaged in all forms of human development including the individual and collective, the pragmatic and spiritual, at community and global levels. Since discovering Integral Theory, he has been actively engaged in making its application as accessible and practical as possible. Chris co-created and facilitated adult development programs in Scotland while continually striving to find new and creative ways to embody Integral principles.

Chris has been meditating since his early 20’s and has studied with many great spiritual teachers. His current spiritual practice is Mondo ZenTM, a modern day koan practice. Chris’s deep spiritual roots source his deep and playful presence and the embodied rigor that he brings to his clients’ and students’ developmental journeys.

Prior to becoming an Integral Master CoachTM, Chris worked as an Executive Private Chef in castles, villas and on super yachts. He refined his creative flair, strong organisational skills and entrepreneurial capacities catering for the world’s super rich. It also helped him realize that people are a lot more challenging and fun to work with than food and that money really doesn’t buy you happiness!

Chris has served as a mentor for MCM students and was the first European ICC Certification Committee Member. He is an ICC Instructor and Phone Coach for the Associate Certification Module and Professional Certification Module.

Chris lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Helena, who is also an Integral Master Coach™. They co-lead their own successful coaching and consultancy practice, working with clients locally and globally.

Jenni Tipper

Jenni is powered in all she does by her passion for enabling human development and connection. She is an Integral Master Coach™ with a successful coaching practice working with individuals and couples to build deeply meaningful, secure, invigorating relationships over time, with greater skill and compassionate intention.

Jenni’s professional experience prior to becoming an Integral Master Coach™ brings a profound grasp of what it truly means to bring about change at individual and collective levels. She brings 20+ years of professional experience to her work as a Relationship Coach. With a Master of Social Work and a deep commitment to justice and equity, Jenni has worked in the national NGO and not-for-profit sectors in various dimensions of Research, Advocacy, Teaching and Community Development. Her work has taken her across the country and around the Globe where she has managed national projects, developed and delivered multi-platform resources and training, and has written and spoken publicly in various mediums about the health and well-being of women, children and families. Included in this depth and breadth of experience is a handful of wonderful years in the unpaid labour market raising 3 great sons.

The conviction of Jenni’s compassion and the strength of her capacity to facilitate human transformation and connection has found the perfect home in Integral Coaching® and Life Practice. Jenni has served as a Mentor for MCM students and has assisted in the ICC classroom. All with a deep desire to contribute to and support the learning and development of ICC students.

Jenni lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband and their blended family of young adults and various animals. She is an indomitable optimist and avid ‘outdoorist’ and relishes any opportunity to play in the trees, paddle a canoe, climb mountains and sleep under the stars. She continues her study and practice of Yoga (certified Instructor), Pathwork and, more recently, the emerging field of Eco-psychology where she is finding great depth and meaning exploring the human/spirit/nature (dis)connection.

Jill Chitra

With an Executive MBA, Engineering degree and a fascination with Integral theory Jill enjoys the complex challenges faced in today’s world. Jill combines a deep love of people in all their unique beauty and the magic that can occur when relationships combine with systems and align to support a common purpose. She has worked in a variety of globally reaching organizations for over 30 years combining her leadership with her experience as a certified Integral Master Coach™ and ICF Professional Certified Coach heading teams in both the private and public sector. Jill works as their executive and as a coach using the ICC method in individual and group settings. Jill is known for her ability to look at issues and projects from a holistic perspective and support teams to meet performance expectations with innovation. She ably keys into the essential elements that foster organizational and individual success.   

Integral Coaching® has been Jill’s passion since she graduated in 2008 finding it the single most effective way to support change in a complex and often chaotic world. And she has engaged in the integral community across Integral Theory Conferences and programs such as the Embodied Integral Practitioner. As a long-term meditator, Jill currently studies with Adyashanti and the International Pathwork community.

Jill, a devoted mother of two young women, is enjoying watching them grow in their early adulthoods. She is a well-travelled hiker, finding joy in the great landscapes and vistas of nature. Jill is also known for her wicked sense of humor and her attuned somatic antenna. She plays flute which she took up in High School and is an engaged consumer of many genres of music. She is also an avid poetry speaker and enjoys writing her own verse skills honed through her active involvement in Poetry Mystery School. 

Micheline Green

Micheline has been pursuing her developmental edges since she was a child. This has given her plenty of experience in the precarious and often messy process of change, uncertainty and disruption.

Micheline grew up in Montreal, Canada, and as a kinesthetic learner, needed to use her physical body in order to learn best. This ultimately served her well in her athletic pursuits. At 19 years old, Micheline played rugby for the Canadian women’s national team, and at 21, she kicked-off the first Women’s Rugby World Cup in Cardiff, Wales. This experience provided her a deep appreciation for what a group of people can accomplish when they work together, united with care, toward a common goal. 

Micheline felt a similar unity and cohesion when she was first introduced to ICC in 2010. She experienced the seamless support and the heart-centered care of people united by the goal to alleviate suffering in the world, one individual at a time. Micheline graduated as an Integral Master Coach™ in 2014, taught by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine. She feels blessed to have had the experience of their dynamic dance together and she carries Joanne and Laura’s many teachings forward in her own warmhearted, down-to-earth, sincere approach to teaching.  

Micheline has worked with ICC since 2016, as an MCM Mentor, a Coaching Conversation Observer, a Certification Committee member, and a Phone Coach for both the Associate and Professional level, as well as an instructor for the Associate Certification Module.  

Micheline has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling, and she continues to stretch her edges. She is a full-time coach, and a passionate course creator for her online business Rising Together Academy. Drawing upon her work with Montessori and Waldorf schools, she created the Conscious and Connected Parenting program to support parents around the world in developing their inner resources to be more able to skillfully harness the transformative power of love while in the tension of their children’s most difficult behaviors.  Most recently, she completed her third course for young adults, a course that supports them to discover their inner compass to navigate their life. 

Micheline lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her two aging, but happy, hiking partners, Summer and Sky.  Her three adult-children are blessed and released, and are following their passions and purpose. Micheline’s “happy place” is creating and facilitating a safe container for individuals and groups to come together in exploration of their complex inner worlds. Micheline supports that explorative practice with compassion, tenderness and deep, heartfelt care.  

Steve Beckett

Steve is based in London, UK, and has over twenty two years experience in business leadership as the Chairman and owner of a group of highly successful and multi award winning Arts and Entertainment Companies employing a team of 50 people in 5 global offices.

Steve is passionate about the Integral movement and in 2001 attended Integral Institute’s first Integral Transformative Practice event in Boulder Colorado, which gave him a real taste of the applied theory. Since then he has immersed himself in his own, ever evolving, Integral Practice, and more recently pursued Integral Coaching® as his way of contribution to the World.

Grounded deeply in the theory he is interested in how Integral can be used to make a practical difference in the “frontline” messiness of day-to-day life. His entrepreneurial foundation, coupled with a sense of humour and heartfelt approach, allows Steve to connect deeply with the people he works with, to support their development as leaders, and to facilitate change.

Besides carrying a full client load as an Integral Master Coach™, Steve is actively involved in building conscious community in London and has created and led a number of Men’s groups, as well as building a thriving spiritual community locally. He is happily married, loves music and art, all forms of bodywork, and walking in nature. Steve is a lead instructor and phone coach for all three ICCP modules.

Susan Loree

Susan’s coaching vocation has focused on leadership development, working with executives in transition and “high potential” future leaders. She has an extensive background in leadership training, with particular emphasis in behavioural development inside large organizations. Her expertise lies with in-house coaching program design and strategy work, including development, implementation, evaluation, and professional supervision. Susan has a unique ability to imagine possibilities and what could be, tempered by her strong capacity to make things happen, her “can do” attitude, and a healthy dose of perseverance and developmental pragmatism.

Adept at unfolding coaching services in large public organizations, Susan is skilful in navigating complex systems and enrolling key supporters and collaborators to actualise a vision of human development in the workplace. She has an undergraduate degree in Languages and Literature, which reflects her love of the written and spoken word and has also completed graduate studies in Change Management. Susan is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Education focusing her research on the use of coaching to support executives in transition.

She brings deep and embodied experience in the continued development of Integral Coaches™. Susan has mentored students (2009-2010), sat on many Certification Committees (2010 – 2013) and has served as Chair of Certification Committees in the latest program iterations (2013-2014). Susan is a member of the Québec association of “L’Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés” (CRHA/CHRP) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Susan lives in Québec City with her husband. She has two daughters who are both exploring the world of study, work and travel.


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