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A New Leadership Announcement from ICC's Founders

By Joanne Hunt

Dear Community of Integral Coaches™,

We are writing today with exciting news! As we’ve been sharing with you along the way, Integral Coaching Canada has been going through much growth and transition and our team has been expanding and thriving to meet the evolving needs of our company. And, of course, as we have been listening to the whispers calling from ICC’s impactful future, we have also been paying attention to our own personal whispers.

As the founders and leaders of Integral Coaching Canada and the architects of our flagship coach training and mastery courses, we have been focusing our attention in the last few years on the ‘include and transcend’ evolution of our leadership team. This has been new territory for us.  Territory that was even more pioneering than most leadership transitions because we wanted an ‘include and transcend’ transition. And we are very happy with how things have progressed! We brought on board two new Directors, Susan Loree and Andrew Leonard, in the last year. They have been amazing additions to the team. We have also been working very, very closely mentoring Chela Davison and Val Rosettani, as they have stepped into leading ICC more fully. It continues to be a blast mentoring these two extraordinary women! And, at this moment, we are thrilled to announce their promotions:

Chela Davison has become Integral Coaching Canada’s President and Val Rosettani is our Vice President, Operations. They have been operating in these positions since the beginning of the year and we are now letting folks outside of the ICC Team know about these exciting leadership moves.

Chela, as many of you know, is the lead teacher in ICC now. She has led three Master Certification Modules over the last two years as well as having taught multiple PCM, ACM, and many of our Ecosystem course offerings. Chela is also an integral visionary of ICC’s future, its expanding impactful role in the world, the expansion of our ICCP to other cities and countries, new platforms for learning, and ways of connecting and expanding the roles of our graduate coaches globally. She is an amazing leader (the whole ICC Team adores her)… open, generous, brilliant and inspiring. Congratulations, Chela! We look forward to supporting you in the years ahead!

Val has moved into the lead role of managing corporate operations or “the business of running the business.” She is extraordinary at keeping so many balls in the air, managing budgets, staff, teachers, phone coaches, course schedules, and everything that has to do with our expanding staff and operations team. Val’s attention to the highest standards and the quality of everything we produce continues to amaze us. And amidst all of her ball juggling, she is always warm and loving even while cutting to the point of what needs to happen. She is one of the holders of the knowledge and wisdom of ICC’s history, having worked at ICC for nine years as well as a having a vibrant passion and drive to realize the vision of ICC’s future. We love working with Val and look forward to our ongoing dance!

As a reminder for you out there in the world, here are the members of the full-time ICC Team. You’ll hear more about them and what they are all up to in the months ahead.

Susan Loree - Director, ICCP Faculty Development

Andrew Leonard - Director, Technology and Community Development

Linda Soulière-MacLeod - Manager, Operations & Student Support

Diana Thibodeau - Student Support & Technology

And where does that leave us? Oh, you know, we’ve been sent out to pasture…Ha! No, we are not disappearing. We built this company and we are committed to its ongoing evolution and global impact. As we actively engage in the ongoing ‘include and transcend’ moves of the leadership team, we continue to intimately work as lineage mentors of Chela and Val. We also are members of the Board of Directors of the company so we continue to provide strategic guidance and oversight. Joanne is continuing to work closely with Chela in strategic development, new corporate initiatives, finance, and governance. Laura is continuing to work with Susan and Val in ensuring that the ICCP components and faculty are advancing in efficacy and elegant design and with Chela on the continued transmission of this work as a teacher and course designer. And, we are involved in special projects with the team as they arise.

We are continuing to put our hearts and energies into the ICC realms that draw most on our expertise and are an expression of the personal whispers we continue to hear. Supporting the future of this team continues to feel fresh and exciting and energizing. We may not be as visible to the world at large, but we are actively supporting ICC’s future with our team behind the scenes. We aren’t heading out to pasture anytime soon! And, we also show up to the occasional class in Ottawa to visit with students and faculty.

We have an amazing team at ICC. Our efforts in the last few years have been to support and guide the next iteration of ICC’s leadership. We have the right people now. It feels fantastic. When you have the right people, 1 + 1 = 100. We laugh and cry and swear (okay, mostly Val swears) and connect and work hard and tease each other and innovate and dream and love each other so very much. We could not imagine a better way for ICC to be evolving. Truly!

Please join us in congratulating Chela and Val…two amazing women!

With our love,

Joanne & Laura

To read a message from Chela Davison, ICC's new President, click here.



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