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I've rarely experienced a 'training' program that so effectively combines rigorous methodology with generous heart. I now have a living compendium of precise, relevant practices.
— Susan Doe
Federal Government Manager
Working with Joanne and Laura has been transformational at many levels of my life. Through their Integral Coaching® training, I have come to understand what “being human” means.
— John Smith
Senior Executive and Professional Coach
Integral Coaching Canada provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available.
— Ken Wilber
author, A Theory of Everything

Val Rosettani's blog

The Ground From Which We Stand - 2023 End of Year Reflection

As this year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on all the change I’ve been in during these past few years and what it is that I draw on and stand upon in the face of all that life brings my way. I am grateful to my mom for being the ground from which I stand. When I think of my mom, I think of someone solid, wise, and independent, and who makes the best out of every situation.

2022 Reflection and Holiday Message - Self-Compassion

The end of the year is almost here. Again. Ironically, the ebbs and flows of change in our lives is a constant we can rely on. Moment to moment as we follow the rhythm of our breath; in and out, and back in again. Daily, as we transition through cycles of daytime and nighttime. Seasonally, as winter flows into spring, spring into summer, and summer to fall until we come full circle again.

2021 Reflection and Holiday Message

It is officially the beginning of the holiday season! We all enter the holiday season in our own unique ways. For some decorations are up and on full display in November, with many gifts and family abound, and for others the holiday season is ushered in more slowly with simple decorations and the company of a few close loved ones.

A New School Year - The Dance Between Loss and Silver Linings

These ever changing and uncertain times are calling for something new. From you. From me. From all of us as we collectively navigate new and uncharted territory and as we step into what is calling to us now. Changes. Adjustments. Some small. Some large.

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