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I've rarely experienced a 'training' program that so effectively combines rigorous methodology with generous heart. I now have a living compendium of precise, relevant practices.
— Susan Doe
Federal Government Manager
Working with Joanne and Laura has been transformational at many levels of my life. Through their Integral Coaching® training, I have come to understand what “being human” means.
— John Smith
Senior Executive and Professional Coach
Integral Coaching Canada provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available.
— Ken Wilber
author, A Theory of Everything

The Leading Edge of Human Development Training

Integral Coaching Canada gives you the world’s most comprehensive map of human development, the discipline of a martial arts lineage, and a proven track record for delivering lasting change.

Integral Coaching® Certification Program (ICCP)

The premier offering of Integral Coaching Canada, and the most comprehensive Integral Coaching® training program available. Graduates of this program can become certified at three step-wise levels, ultimately leading to a Master level accreditation in Integral Coaching®. ICCP has been rated as best in class by the Integral Institute and this program is ICF accredited for a total of 202 training hours.

ICCP-1 Associate Certification Module

This Module is composed of a powerful and rigorous five month foundational curriculum that includes immediate and direct application. Participants specifically learn the Integral Coaching® method, its theoretical foundations, two Integral lenses to understand their clients, and a coaching process that enables rapid integration. Successful completion results in becoming certified as an Integral Associate Coach.

Relevant for new and experienced coaches

ICCP-2 Professional Certification Module

The second module vastly deepens a coach's understanding, application, and embodiment of our Integral Coaching® method over a six month period. It advances each aspect of a coach's development including client assessment and practice designs. ICCP-2 includes an ongoing assessment process where, if successful, a student will be certified as an Integral Professional Coach.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ICCP-1

ICCP-3 Master Certification Module

This module provides access to the subtle and deep roots of our Integral Coaching® method over seven months. It deepens and potently advances every aspect of a coach's development and client work. Successful completion of ICCP-3, including final exam components, results in certification as an Integral Master Coach and lineage membership in our global Integral Coaching® Consortium.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ICCP-2


Integral Coaching® Fundamentals

This three day course introduces the Integral Coaching® method and associated skills in a format that gives participants immediate practical benefit. While the method and the theory behind it are extensive in terms of scope and complexity, we provide a condensed but powerful form that can be applied to day to day situations and conversations, at home, at work, inside organizations or as a hired consultant or coach.

Open to new or experienced coaches


Advancing the Gender Lens

A self-paced dive into the advancements to the Gender Lens that have been made since the launch of ICCP 2.0. This Online Video Course is designed to enhance your coaching and your way of being in life through an embodied understanding of the patterns of gender expression and development that are available to all of us. The advancements are taught through a 4-part video series led by ICC Co-founder Laura Divine, supplemented with accompanying slides and a Course Guide.  The Course Guide provides guidelines and strategies for engaging with the material on your own or with fellow IMCs™, as well as helpful “Try Its” for further understanding and embodiment of the Gender Lens advancements.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ICCP-3

Sharpening Your Sword – 2018 Conference & Retreat

In celebration of ICC’s 15-Year Anniversary, our first ever Conference & Retreat will be held June 4 – 8th, 2018 just outside Ottawa at the beautiful 200-acre Strathmere Retreat Centre. This gathering will provide opportunities to Sharpen Your Sword as a human being and as an Integral Coach™ in ways that you uniquely need. Whether you would like to deepen and advance your methodological skills and technique as an Integral Coach™, bring the wisdom and power of the Integral Coaching® Method and lineage to bear in your life in meaningful ways, gain support in building your coaching business capacities, bring new social initiatives to life, commune with like-hearted colleagues and friends, enjoy nature, rest, heal, rejuvenate, and/or engage in daily personal practice, we’ve got you. We have your needs, and the discernment of what those needs actually are, covered in this uniquely crafted experience. 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ICCP-1

Build Your Coaching Business Conversation Series: Online

A four-part interactive conversation series for Integral Associate, Professional and Master Coaches™ focused on establishing and growing your coaching business. The content of these conversations will be co-created by participants, hosts and invited guests drawing from what is most alive and relevant in the hopes and challenges of those participating, on behalf of contributing to building thriving coaching businesses and carrying out this work in a way that is meaningful and satisfying.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ICCP-1

Spirit of Practice - Online

A four-month online course for graduates of ICCP-2 (PCM) and ICCP-3 (MCM). Built from the extraordinary content and developmental models delivered at our 4-day live Spirit of Practice Mastery Workshop, Spirit of Practice - Online offers a deep dive into the world of practice for seasoned and embodied Integral Coaches™. This advanced course merges live online group classes, small breakout groups, robust learning and practice material, and an online community for engagement and integration.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ICCP-2

Scaling the Method: 2+ Coaching - Online

A six-week online course for Certified Integral Coaches™ at the Associate, Professional and Master level. Scaling the Method: 2+ Coaching, translates the Integral Coaching® method and process to be applied to working with groups of two or more individuals. Through videos, written resources, small group connections, online community interactions, and practices for application and integration; Integral Coaches™ will get to expand and scale their offerings and impact in new and robust ways. Content for this course is delivered asynchronously, with course participants being able to engage with the content on their own time, at a pace that works for them.  A cohort begins the course and accesses the material together, with participants forming small practice groups who will engage and apply these materials at a time and pace that works for each unique group. 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ICCP-1



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