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I've rarely experienced a 'training' program that so effectively combines rigorous methodology with generous heart. I now have a living compendium of precise, relevant practices.
— Susan Doe
Federal Government Manager
Working with Joanne and Laura has been transformational at many levels of my life. Through their Integral Coaching® training, I have come to understand what “being human” means.
— John Smith
Senior Executive and Professional Coach
Integral Coaching Canada provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available.
— Ken Wilber
author, A Theory of Everything

Advancing the Gender Lens

Advancing the Gender Lens is a self-paced, Online Video Course offered to Integral Master Coaches™.  It leads you through the notable advancements lead architect Laura Divine has made to the Gender Lens with the launch of ICCP 2.0.  This course introduces the fundamentals of four distinct patterns of gender expression and the cyclical progression through them, which we all travel through. It also provides you with a way to discern where the unique focus of development needs to be from a Gender Lens perspective for a specific client in a specific topic.  Also included in this course are recommended exercises and “Try Its” to support integration and embodiment of these fundamentals.

The Video Course is designed to be relevant for IMC’s™ in a number of ways.  For use with coaching clients, with other forms of individual and group dynamics and development, as well as for use in your personal lives. The Video Course will provide IMC’s™ with access to refinements to the contribution of the Gender Lens that will enable greater intimacy and accuracy with clients, and helpful guidelines for aligning overall program design, use of language and focus of new muscle development. All the course material can also be applied to your own life and developmental work and will enhance your appreciation and discernment for where you are now, which pattern of gender expression would best serve your current longings, and the path to reaching that particular Gender Pattern.

Participants in Advancing the Gender Lens Online Video Course will have access to a series of four 20-30min videos.  These videos capture a plenary session on the Gender Lens advancements that was delivered by Gender Lens architect and ICC Co-Founder Laura Divine at the ICC June 2018 Conference and Retreat. There is a corresponding slide deck presentation that is a companion to the four videos.  These slides provide key reference material that you will be able to draw upon over and over again as you apply what you learn from this course.  Lastly, there is a Course Guide with guidelines on how to work with the videos and slides, helpful “Try Its” for further understanding and embodiment of the Gender Lens advancements, and strategies for engaging with the material on your own or with fellow IMCs™.

Students taking this Video Course can expect to gain a solid understanding of what ICC has chosen to focus on in advancing the Gender Lens, the nature of the patterns of gender expression in their healthy and unhealthy manifestations, the cyclical flow through the gender patterns, how to discern a person’s current gender pattern and the gender pattern most appropriate for their topic or situation, and how to scale coaching programs and developmental work to the current Gender Pattern.

As the title suggests, this course will advance, expand and enrich the ways in which the Gender Lens contributes to the set of lenses we use at ICC to form an AQAL Constellation™ in ways that open up your mind, your heart, your body and your skillful means personally and professionally.

Sharpening Your Sword – 2018 Community Conference & Retreat

This dynamic and unique five-day in-person event is open to the entire ICCP student body at the Associate, Professional, and Master levels, and will be held June 4 – 8th, 2018 just outside Ottawa at the beautiful 200-acre Strathmere Retreat Centre. The 2018 Conference & Retreat, designed to meet you right where you are and to support you in discerning where you most need to Sharpen Your Sword, will include both specific and all-level learning, ICC Methodological advancements and integration sessions, personal practice components, time for rest and retreat, along with collaboration and support in further developing your Build Your Business capacities and establishing social initiatives. Sessions will be led by Chela Davison, ICC Faculty, Integral Master Coaches™ who are subject-matter experts, Guest Speakers (being confirmed), and, of course, Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine; who will also be delivering a special Keynote Address entitled “The True Secret of Integral Coaching®” which will precede a celebration of the school’s 15-Year Anniversary and ongoing evolution. Join us, reunite with your precious ICC colleagues and tap into the wisdom of this inspirational Community in our first ever hybrid conference and retreat. Registration is now open!  Space is limited so register now! 

Course Title: Community Conference and Retreat

Course Code: IC-M-2018-OTT

Prerequisite: ICCP-1

Please check the schedule for dates and tuition

Build Your Coaching Business Conversation Series: An Online Mini-Course

Hosted by Chela Davison, with expert guest speakers addressing topics that meet your burning questions and most relevant priorities as you start or grow your practice. This Q + A series will dig into strategies and practices to support you in taking your coaching business to the next level.

Whether you’re seeking to brand and market yourself in ways that are true to you and in alignment with the ways in which you most want to serve, or would love some perspective from seasoned coaches on how to pitch organizations or translate this powerful method to executives and business leaders, the content of this mini-course will be co-created by its participants and curated by a handful of passionate, successful coaches and business leaders.

This four-part conversation series will be will be recorded and interactive, a mix of live practice and exploration of various topics as well as Q + A that offers practical application to ‘try it’ and integrate between calls and beyond the series. Calls will be recorded for those who are unable to make it live, or who simply want to engage in the content again.

Participants in this conversation series will have access to a Private Facebook Group where continued discussion and support with colleagues can occur as well as sharing of integration exercises and experiences of applying what was garnered from the session.

Upon registering, participants will be asked to submit responses to some initial questions that will contribute to shaping the focus of the content to be covered in all four calls. For each conversation, participants will have an additional opportunity to put forward specific questions for that call’s focus such that each moment of the call is specifically tailored to what will most serve the collective body of participants.

Drawing from both the graduate survey where hundreds of you shared input on what’s most wanted in the area of coaching business building, as well as what we hear consistently from students and graduates, we have invited guest speakers to join us so as to augment and complement your learning in key topics areas. The scope and ways in which we dive into these key areas will be shaped by participants’ questions. Here are some of the key topics:

Marketing and Branding: Finding your niche, developing your voice and how to speak about Integral Coaching® and what you offer those you want to work with, networking and visibility strategies for both local and online reach, website building, content marketing, brand development and where the heck to start when all of this is so overwhelming and there are so many ways to pursue this: What’s right for your unique AQAL Constellation™, Ways of Being and the precious work you want to do in the world?

Pitching and Sales: Selling and ‘closing’ with authenticity and confidence, key components of enrollment and registration conversations, what’s needed when ‘pitching’ to organizations as an external coach, translating and working within government or corporate business settings (this is for all of you who’ve wondered, “Will that VP really be cool with this ‘metaphor thing’?”).

Offerings and Applications: Building, packaging and pricing your offerings, clarifying your areas of impact and target applications and audiences: Who you work with and why, where to find them and how to engage them?

Entrepreneurial Best Practices: Dealing with uncertainty, developing resilience, building your systems and support network, risk taking, your ‘business building way of being’ and growing edges, leveraging your strengths and capacities, aligning your sense of calling and deepest longings with the day to day work you’re offering and carrying out in the world.

Spirit of Practice - Online

Spirit of Practice - Online is a four-month online course offered to I.C. Consortium members and PCM graduates. Designed to bring new and liberating perspectives and material to the topic of practice, the content and delivery of this course is both illuminating and integrative for participants, in their own personal lives, and in application with clients. Drawing on the lenses and methodology that make our change technology so rich and effective, Spirit of Practice - Online takes a deep dive into how it is that we become stuck and deeply challenged in the daily living of our lives and in our practices and uncovers what it takes to engage in practice and life in new ways beyond where we’ve ever worked before.

Participants will have access to bi-weekly live video calls with Managing Director of Leadership & Strategic Innovation, Chela Davison, recordings of original material from the Mastery Workshop presented by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, applied learning with small groups, integrative practices and assignments, as well as an online community to engage with.

For those who cannot attend a particular live video call, calls will be recorded to listen to during the program so that participants can stay current with material being used in small learning groups. The rigor and depth of engagement with this course is entirely up to each participant…there are no assignments to hand in or scores recorded!

Over the course of these four months, participants can expect to explore, expand and deepen their ways of relating to and engaging with the practice field such that their experience of their lives and of practice feel lighter, juicier and more alive. 

Course Title:Spirit of Practice — Online

Course Code: IC-M

Prerequisite: ICCP-2


Please check the schedule for dates and tuition

Scaling the Method: 2+ Coaching - Online

Scaling the Method: 2+ Coaching is an online course offered to Integral Coaches™ of all certification levels that is designed to introduce and navigate the territory of the Integral Coaching® method and process as it is applied to groups of two or more. 

This course advances the Integral Coaching® method and process in a way that allows an Integral Coach™ to dynamically and flexibly apply the method to a wide variety of group contexts and configurations.  Groups come in many different shapes, sizes, and relational patterns, be they couples, families, business associates, or enterprise teams, to name a few. 

Constructed and framed in a way that honors the full integral map, Scaling the Method: 2+ Coaching provides Integral Coaches™ with tools, perspectives, and a developmental path that will allow them to work with groups in a way that honors, captures, and addresses the widest and deepest number of group configurations possible; with a sharpness of both skill and presence to meet clients in whatever their circumstances may be. 

Participants in Scaling the Method: 2+ Coaching will have access to videos of original material hosted by ICC Managing Director and Senior Faculty Member Chela Davison, content slides, module-by-module document resources, worksheets, applied learning with small groups, integrative practices and assignments, as well as an online community to engage with.

The course begins with a live on one group practice and orientation call hosted by Chela Davison, allowing a virtual cohort of Integral Coaches™ to begin together and connect.  Modules for the course will be delivered weekly to participants, however, small group learning is designed in a way that enables participants to reach out and group together with others with parallel schedules… allowing each group to engage the content in a way that meets them where they are at.  This asynchronous method of content delivery lets participants absorb and integrate learnings at a time and pace that is best suited to their varied schedules, learning styles and developmental needs.

Over the course of these five modules, participants can expect to gain a solid grounding and understanding of the Integral Coaching® territory as it applies to the groups of two or more that they most long to have an impact with. By experientially including and transcending the art and rigor of the single client method and process, Integral Coaches™ can dynamically work with countless configurations of groups seeking to develop and transform.






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