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I've rarely experienced a 'training' program that so effectively combines rigorous methodology with generous heart. I now have a living compendium of precise, relevant practices.
— Susan Doe
Federal Government Manager
Working with Joanne and Laura has been transformational at many levels of my life. Through their Integral Coaching® training, I have come to understand what “being human” means.
— John Smith
Senior Executive and Professional Coach
Integral Coaching Canada provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available.
— Ken Wilber
author, A Theory of Everything

ICC Updates

By Chela Davison

Fall greetings to you!

Over the past month as we at ICC have been connecting with people in different time zones and places all over the globe, we’ve been witnessing the seasons change, feeling that Fall is definitely here, inching its way toward Winter. And for some of you, Spring is inching its way toward Summer! What an incredible season we just had leading up to this moment. We’d love to share some highlights with you, so grab a cup of warm apple cider (Northern Hemisphere) or a cold drink (Southern Hemisphere) and cozy up…

Directors’ Council Update

This past summer, we announced our new Directors’ Council, consisting of Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt as Directors Emeritus and our three Managing Directors, Chela Davison- Leadership and Strategic Innovation, Val Rosettani- Operations and Quality Assurance and Kevin Snorf- Training and Ecosystem Development. We’ve spent the past several months forming, storming, norming, and as you’ll see in what we’ve been up to as you read on, performing! We’d like to share a little about what we’ve been producing and what’s coming next for ICC as well as pull back the curtain a bit and share a more personal note about how we’ve been coming together as this new leadership team, how we’ve been working and the unique opportunities and challenges we’ve been facing together. 

ICC 2.0 Emerging Leadership

We formed the Directors’ Council to usher ICC into its next decade of development, contribution and growth as well as to shift the heavy lifting from the Founders’ shoulders to the next generation of lineage holders for Integral Coaching® and Integral Coaching Canada. Over the last several months we’ve been living the question: What does it mean to include and transcend this global development and coach certification school, applying our change methodology to ourselves and our organization? We’ve also been asking and living into the question: What does it mean to lead an organization from a truly Teal center of gravity? 
Behind the scenes it looks like five people in a giant stew of an incredible amount of change and navigating it rather skillfully, if we may toot our own horns. We’ve been challenging and supporting each other in our individual and collective change trajectories, change of infrastructure, our ways of working and of delivering. Running a company whose primary product and service is deep change and development means that we’re continually developing ourselves and our Ways of Being, as leaders and as an organization. Awake and evolving is the product and service we provide and awake and evolving is what’s occurring in the company itself. 
If you’re curious and want to have a ‘fly on the wall’ moment with regards to what happens in the DC Meetings: They happen every Tuesday, for two hours and often have some meaty and complex topics we’re churning on together while navigating every mood and energy level you can imagine. We start with a check-in and we’re not talking about superficial niceties. Check-ins are heart sharing, gut spilling, truth telling accounts of what’s alive and what’s arising. For the fun of it we typically track who cries first (always Chela) and who swears first (often Val- shocker, eh?), Kevin is regularly harassed by the rest of the all-women team, and Laura and Joanne have been holding, mentoring and generously supporting an amazing and inspiring move to ICC 2.0 with humour and wisdom and a deep openness to all that is emerging. It’s truly awe-inspiring to be part of a team where every member can engage at such a high degree of personal responsibility and also vulnerability, who can support each other, challenge one another and gather around the emerging future on behalf of all of our deepest gifts and genuine longing to be of great service. It is raising all of us to new levels of embodiment. It is truly an extraordinary experience.
So what have we been doing while navigating this new form together?  

ICCP New Course Launches

This Fall, we successfully launched 2 Associate Certification Modules (ACM)  in Canada and the United States and we have a 3rd ACM being launched in Australia in December. 
We launched 2 Professional Certification Modules in Europe and Canada, and we also launched…drum roll please…

Our Inaugural Master Certification Module! 

We kicked off our first MCM, completing the roll out of our three Module Integral Coaching® Certification Program, in October with a full class of Professional Coaches! Chela Davison stepped into the classroom, as lead teacher of this redesigned Module, alongside guest faculty Susan Loree and totally rocked each student’s world (right guys?)! Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt also came to play along in this inaugural launch as Laura taught the entirely redesigned Gender Lens (which totally rocks) and Joanne introduced the 2+ Group Coaching Model (also rocks).
This new course also introduced a new thread to developing as an Integral Master Coach™ and that is the Project Stream of this course. Many of these students are already on their way, implementing the beginning stages of their visions for bringing Integral Coaching® out into the world as organizational or community initiatives or in the building of their coaching businesses. This new project component allows students to receive support, while in the container of the MCM, to develop their own leadership capacities, businesses, ideas, launching initiatives that mean so much to each of them. The projects are, to say the least, totally inspiring. It is an exciting addition to the MCM and only possible because of the ICCP redesign where students entering this final Module are already Integral Professional Coaches™. We’re so proud and excited to have redesigned our program to support our students in carrying this work out into their lives and careers while mastering the art of Integral Coaching®. 

Our Next Master Certification Module Coming This Spring 

Integral Professional Coaches™ are already registering for our next Master Certification Module that begins the week of May 31 – June 4, 2016 in Ottawa. If you have graduated from PCM and are considering doing MCM, registration is NOW OPEN for the next offering in the Spring. If you have questions, you can click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions we’ve created about MCM and if you’d like an even higher touch experience to help discern right timing for MCM for you, Chela Davison will be hosting a call in the new year to connect and answer any questions you have. We’ll be following up with the date and time once it’s set with an invitation to all Integral Professional Coaches™.

Associate Certification Module in Sydney, Australia

There are still a few spots left for ACM in Australia, starting December 7-11, being taught by Lead Teacher and Managing Director, Training and Ecosystem Development, Kevin Snorf. Please spread the word to anyone you think would benefit and love to participate in this training Down Under! We’d also like to send a special thank you to Ami Cook who has been both catalyst and great support in bringing ICC to Australia. Thanks so much, Amy and we’ll see you soon!

Upcoming ICCP Courses:

Associate Certification Module (ACM):
Sydney, Australia: December 7 - 11, 2015
Ottawa, Ontario: February 16 - 20, 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: March 7 - 11, 2016
San Francisco, California: May 2 - 6, 2016
Professional Certification Module (PCM):
Ottawa, Ontario: May 16 - 20, 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: September 26 - 30, 2016
San Francisco, California: November 14 - 18, 2016
Master Certification Module (MCM):
Ottawa, Ontario: May 31 - June 4, 2016

Spirit of Practice - Online…our first ever Online Ecosystem Course!

Over the Summer, we announced the beginning sketches of our vision for ICC 2.0, sharing about the next phases toward supporting continued Horizontal Health development within our Ecosystem. We said that we’d be launching our first Horizontal Health Ecosystem Course as early as 2016. And, while many new forming teams might find themselves pushing timelines further into the future, we were simply chomping at the bit to bring this new vision into form and also meet the high enthusiasm and demand from our global community so we launched it in 2015!
We just kicked off The Spirit of Practice - Online with 65 Integral Professional and Integral Master Coaches™ from around the globe, gathering biweekly to explore and share and work together through this course that was adapted from our Mastery Workshop this past June. Chela Davison and Kevin Snorf are teaching this course and delighted to feel the enthusiastic response to this new format for gathering in a learning and practice space as a global community. It is quite something to bring together so many people, already so deeply developed, and support this amazing community of coaches.

New Horizons for Deb Thompson

We’d like to offer our deepest gratitude to Deb Thompson for her many years of incredible service as one of our most beloved and respected Senior Phone Coaches. The contribution that Deb has brought to ICC and the students of this work continues to ripple out in every person she has touched and helped to develop and transform. The articles that she has written to support coach development, the insight she has brought to ICC regarding differentiating therapy and coaching and the personal love and support she has continually provided to Joanne and Laura has been so deeply appreciated. Deb, of course, will remain actively involved with the graduate community and Joanne & Deb will keep their love of music alive as they continue to trade best songs found on the internet! Deb is building up her private Integral Coaching® practice (worldwide), as well as offering psychotherapy via teleconferencing (in Ontario) and welcomes referrals to both. She is also developing workshops for 2016 in collaboration with a psychiatrist regarding an Integral approach to physician health and on her own in the realms of food, wellness and weight (look for next year). Thank you, Deb, and a deep bow for all that you have contributed to ICC over the years. Our mutual love affair will continue on!

What’s Next for Horizontal Health Offerings

We’ve been busy in the strategic kitchen, cooking up the future for ICC 2.0 as we’re listening to the whispers of where this company wants to evolve while also responding to the expressed desires of our growing graduate circle. While it’s too soon to announce the details of our next Ecosystem Course Offerings or the very exciting new platforms we’re exploring for global community engagement and gathering, we’d like to introduce you to the new categories of Horizontal Health Streams we’re looking at:

Mastery Material

Over the years, hundreds and hundreds of Integral Master Coaches™ have gathered at Mastery Workshops in Ottawa. These workshops and reunions have been an incredible place to gather and connect with community as well as bring forward cutting edge content that Laura and Joanne have created to continually develop our community of IMCs. Starting with our first Ecosystem Course, The Spirit of Practice - Online, we’ve now introduced the Mastery Material in a new form and offered it to both Integral Professional and Integral Master Coaches™. Expect future courses and offerings of other Mastery Material such as 2+ Group Coaching, Dynamic Shadow and much more to come. We know that travel to Ottawa has been challenging and costly for grads and our online offerings will continue to be brought forward to support graduate development. And, of course, we will still come together live and in person in the future too!

Method Tune-Ups and Upgrades

So many of our Integral Coaches™ out there have asked for resources, practice spaces and opportunities to brush up on or advance their capacities with the Integral Coaching® Method itself. Internally, we’re currently calling this developmental stream “Rock the Method” and we will be bringing method updates as well as new ways to rock your understanding and capabilities with various aspects of the Integral Coaching® Method at each level of certification. The material and nuances of the method have continued to evolve since many of you graduated and we want to make sure that the latest thinking, tools and updates are available for folks who want to keep “tuning up” their Integral Coaching® work.

Build Your Coaching Business

We know you want it. Probably the most requested arena for development from prospective students and graduates alike is support around building your coaching business. Coming in mid to late 2016 will be resources, courses and support for various levels of certification and various scales for participation. 

Tastes of ICC

How does our incredible change methodology translate into different forms to meet those who are interested in development and sustainable change? From Integral Coaching® Fundamentals, our 3-day course that delivers ICC’s coaching method in the form of a one-part coaching conversation (Intake and Offer as one conversation) to online offerings introducing our work, we’re going to be branching out and also scaling how we bring this work into the world and into new markets, even to non-coaches. A small example of the Tastes of ICC Stream, are our free monthly webinars led by Chela and Kevin. We’ve been getting a great response from people entirely new to ICC and also from our graduates of ACM, PCM and MCM. Our most recent webinars are part of a series called The Art of Communication in Coaching.  You can find the replays of this series here on our Vimeo page

We’d love to hear from you...

We've been reflecting on where the creative impulse comes from and, quite specifically, the whispers and the impulses to build and create what's next for ICC. While some of it is born from our own visions as leaders of this amazing company, so much of what's coming is also in response to a collective need, in response to what many of you have been asking for regarding ongoing development and the strengthening of community. 
We can't build community without you. And we wouldn't want to. We'd like to invite you in to be collaborators on the future of our graduate community and its global impact. We'll be reaching out to you early in 2016 to explore ways you can contribute and offer your perspective and longings for what's next for ICC’s international graduate community.

Integral Theory Conference

It feels like at least a year ago that we convened at the Integral Theory Conference, but it was just this past Summer! ICC was one of the Diamond Sponsors of ITC and we loved getting to share in this year’s theme: Integral Impact. The conference was abuzz with going beyond theory, which is, of course, a great specialty of ours as Integral Coaches™. Kevin represented Integral Coaching® in the context of education on the panel called: The Impact of Emerging Integrative Learning Systems, and Chela played on the panel called: Bringing Integral Approaches to Institutions: First-hand Accounts of Implementation and Impact. This was indeed an incredible way to kick off the summer and step into new roles as ICC Managing Directors. 
Many of our graduates were at the Integral Theory Conference and we had a kick ass team of volunteer Integral Master Coaches™ representing the school and training, speaking to other ITC goers about Integral Coaching® and our application and just generally partying at our sponsor table. A special shout out to Nathan Hohmann, Tamara Staton, Jeff Groethe, and Holly Woods for hanging with us at our sponsor table and simply being awesome humans. And, of course, congratulations to the host and primary organizers of the Integral Theory Conference, all of whom are Integral Master Coaches™!
A particularly proud moment came in the recognition of Integral Master Coach™ Deb Kennedy, who won the award for Best Paper: The Impact of Integral Development on Coaches’ Use of Self as Instrument. Huge congratulations to Deb and a deep bow for her work and contribution. You can read her paper by clicking here

Congratulations to Kevin and Tami!

As if Kevin hadn’t taken on enough with his new leadership role, while designing Spirit of Practice - Online and flying between Europe, Canada and the US teaching, he also tied the knot this summer! Kevin and Tami got married on the island of Kauai with small gathering of close friends and family followed by a mini honeymoon on the island with some wonderfully nourishing aloha time. They were married by Kevin’s Sensei, Jeremy Corbell, and the ceremony was about the yogic path of relationship and how love is the greatest adventure! Tami, an Enneagram type 7, is a glutton for travel so Kevin will be working his self-prez edges as they honeymoon in the Galapagos next month. We don’t feel sorry for Kevin or his self-prez edges. Congratulations Kevin & Tami. We love you so much!
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